Brief Pyramining stats
Investment estimations
Break even:~ 642 months
Complete reward:~ 707 months
Current infrastructure:266.29 MH/BTC
New infrastructure:~ 91.9GH/s/BTC

Note: these data are an estimation based on current conditions. Bitcoin mining difficulty and new infrastructure price affect these values.

Active accounts:3855
Completed accounts:95
Active deposits:12979
Completed deposits:1480
Hall of fame
by deposit
BTC Bonus Completion
2000.00 12.0% 43%
2000.00 10.0% 42%
499.00 15.0% 2%
450.00 15.0% 23%
394.26 21.0% 30%
by bonus
Bonus Ref. Completion
4063.8% 198 92%
2361.5% 1 14%
1932.6% 1 11%
1255.9% 45 43%
986.7% 1 24%

Note: Statistics are not in realtime.
Accounts must have at least 0.1 BTC of deposited funds to appear in the hall of fame.

What is it about?

It is a Bitcoin Mining Service. Here you can borrow hashing power at very competitive rates. You will profit from the Bitcoin mining activity without having to buy, set up and maintain your equipment. All you have to do is to find a sponsor, join and deposit some Bitcoins to start. To deposit bitcoin, you can use Amex to buy BTC. Amex is an American Express credit card through which many brokerage platforms allow you to buy Bitcoin.Once your account is active, miners will keep working for you until the account will be fully rewarded.

A referral system is used to give a chance to increase revenues. Be creative on your advertising, and you will be rewarded. Your account will start with a 10% bonus. Members who join through your referral links will increase your bonus proportionally to their deposited amount. There is no limit on how much your bonus can grow.

With the advent of ASIC-based technologies, Bitcoin mining is becoming a complex and expensive investment. Unless you can afford to set up a large mining farm, it may take two or more years to reach the break even point. Thanks to our low cost production process, we have been able to set up an high-efficiency infrastructure. We can offer an easy to use managed platform, for both Bitcoin enthusiasts and investors, that allows a fast investment return. But, if you don't have preferences regarding Bitcoin mining and working long term on the network, then online trading is a better option. Because Many users have confirmed that they experience higher lucrative returns from bitcoin trading than bitcoin mining. To start trading, it's advisable to opt for the bitcoin code platform as it is designed with beginners in mind to conduct trading automatically with the highest possible success rate. Check the Bitcoin code trading platform for more details.

Investing in Pyramining is indeed very profitable: the complete reward is estimated to be reached in less than 707 months. If you want you can do some math based on the following details: at the current conditions 1 GH/s of hashing power is added every 0.01 BTC deposited, which corresponds to 100000.0 MH/BTC.

Before making a deposit, check the "Queue size" on the upper right table. Deposits are queued, and they become active when it's their turn, on a first-arrived-first-served basis. If the queue size power shows "0", then the deposit will become active immediately.

How does it work?

  1. Join
  2. Deposit any amount of Bitcoins to the provided address
  3. Optionally invite people to join through your referral to increase your rewards
  4. Wait and profit.
Please read the F.A.Q. for more details.

Is it a pyramid scheme?

It is not: rewards come entirely from Bitcoin mining, not by referral deposits. All deposited funds are used to buy new infrastructure. The referral system is made to allow you to increase your income by inviting new members. It is possible to join and don't invite anybody: bonus will be only 10%, but it's still profit!
All member accounts will be active until their reward is complete, even if they join late, and even if there are no referrals under them.
Read the F.A.Q. for more details.


Other things to know

27 Nov 2013: Payout threshold lowered to 0.01 BTC.
30 Jun 2013: Closed ASIC preorder. ASICs are being deployed, and will be operative within 1-3 weeks.
20 Apr 2013: Payout threshold lowered to 0.1 BTC.
15 Oct 2012: Added ASIC preorder method.
11 Oct 2012: Changed (improoved) referral links deactivation policy.
14 Aug 2012: Added support for multiple deposits (see discussion here and here ).
08 Aug 2012: Joining without a sponsor is not allowed anymore.
21 May 2012: This service successfully passed the beta-testing period and it's now considered stable.

Please join the discussion should you encounter any kind of problems.