Brief Pyramining stats
Investment estimations
Break even:~ 53 months
Complete reward:~ 59 months
Current infrastructure:74.33 MH/BTC
New infrastructure:~ 909.09 MH/BTC

Note: these data are an estimation based on current conditions. Bitcoin mining difficulty and new infrastructure price affect these values.

Active accounts:3391
Completed accounts:72
Active deposits:11271
Completed deposits:884
Hall of fame
by deposit
BTC Bonus Completion
2000.00 12.0% 41%
2000.00 10.0% 39%
450.00 15.0% 18%
300.00 10.0% 38%
222.00 17.9% 32%
by bonus
Bonus Ref. Completion
5187.5% 51 0%
4063.2% 108 86%
2361.5% 1 10%
1295.3% 1 7%
1251.8% 42 39%

Note: Statistics are not in realtime.
Accounts must have at least 0.1 BTC of deposited funds to appear here.

Total deposited amount:1.00033600
Rewarded amount:0.05833737
Sent amount:0.00000000
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